CFS Weekly Rundown (2/14-2/20)

Hey guys,

       It’s time for another edition of the CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown! We hope you guys enjoyed a couple days of warm weather as we head into this brisk Sunday. This will be our last full week before the CrossFit Open starts Feb 24th so let’s try to really get in here and be consistent. We are also wrapping up the week with the five year anniversary of CrossFit Simplicity! It’s wild to think that we have been here in this amazing community for that amount of time. It’s certainly flown by and we really appreciate all of you being here with us for the journey! Be sure to get here and join us Saturday morning at 9 AM for a celebration and member appreciation event! Now let’s see what we have in store for the week.

  • CrossFit Open: We will be participating in the 2020 to CrossFit Open. This is a lot of fun and we strongly encourage you guys to get signed up. We will be programming these workouts in class every Friday beginning the last Friday of February and continuing through the first two Fridays in March. What makes us even more fun is that we will be hosting us on a “Friday night lights” where we will all come together from 5 PM to 7 PM those Friday nights and complete the workouts together in heats! This makes for a really great experience and a lot of fun with the community! Get signed up!
  • CFS 5 Year Anniversary: We are quickly approaching the five year anniversary of CrossFit Simplicity this February! We will be having a special celebration February 19th at 9 AM and some cool member appreciation stuff! We hope you all can make it!

Monday: We are in week six of our strength cycle and today you have five sets of three back squats at 80%. We will complete a set every two minutes, on the minute. These are going to be a little heavier but less reps should make it doable for sure! After this we have a bit of a burner with this pulling piece called, “The Mule.” This is going to be 21-15-9 of deadlifts and burpee pull ups. Stimulus today is steady pacing. The deadlift will be a little heavier today so focus on completing them in consistent, manageable sets with consideration of the total volume in this workout when you’re selecting what size sets you are going to do. Similar pacing should be kept on the burpee pull-ups and approached in a way that will allow you to move directly back to the barbell rather than having to rest before beginning the dead lifts again. This workout is also going to be grippy so be ready to hang on!

Tuesday: Happy Five Year CFS! This is the official five year anniversary date of CrossFit Simplicity! Just like Monday we will be doing five sets of three shoulder presses at 80% of your one rep max from week one. Remember to keep the strict and use no legs or hips at all! Up next we’ll hit “Roses are Red.” This workout you will have three sets, one every six minutes. Each set will alternate between rowing, toes to bar, rowing, handstand push-ups, and then one final row. Stimulus is moderate pacing throughout rounds. You are going to have to be efficient on all movements in order to complete the work and have rest time before the next round starts so be mindful that you scale these movements accordingly. We want you guys to have at least one minute of rest between sets. One thing to consider might be subtracting 50 m from each row and five reps from each movement as a starting point. This workout is a challenge! That’s exactly what we want it to be. Not a sprint though. Get your mind and movements right to stay on track and accept that there will not be a lot of rest. Good stuff!

Wednesday: Like weeks past, we’ll be hitting some open prep barbell cycling this Wednesday. Every minute on the minute, for 10 minutes, you will have five power snatches. Today we would like to try to go up slightly and weight from what you have used previous weeks. When we finish this we will move on to a chipper called “XOXO.” This one is going to simply be 200 double unders sandwiched between two 50 cal assault bike sets. Simple yet effective! Stimulus is moderate pacing across the metcon. You should find a pace that can be maintained to cross the entirety of the work out but not so high that you drop off due to burn out. This workout is one of those survival mode pieces. Legs will be heavy when arriving at the double unders so be prepared for plan A to go to plan D quickly!

Thursday: Partner workout! Love it. Today you and a friend will hit “My Girl.” You will have three rounds of a 100 foot single dumbbell walking lunge, 50 pull-ups, and 100 wallball push presses. The walking lunges must be completed at the same time but not necessarily synchronized. The pull ups and wallball push presses will be split as desired. The wallball push press is going to be a new movement for some of you. It’s exactly like a wallball except you do not go down into a squat. You complete the movement simply like a push press yet still throwing the ball to a target. Stimulus is moderate to high intensity. Muscle fatigue from the pull ups and wallball push presses will become more complex as the rounds progress. So focus on purposeful breathing and shared workload. Strategic reps and transitions will help keep the intensity up and maintain a steady workflow. Have fun!

Friday: Kicking off the day with some deadlifts. Following the pattern this week we will have five sets of three at 80% every two minutes on the minute. Obviously these are a little heavier than last week but you only have three reps so do your best to stay tight and maintain proper form and position through the pull. After this we will have our last Open workout retest before the actual open kicks off. We will be hitting 18.2. This was a 12 minute AMRAP with a catch. You will have 12 minutes to complete an ascending ladder of dumbbell front squats and bar facing burpees. The reps go up by one from one to ten. When you finish this you will have the remaining time to find a one rep max clean. To go here today is going to be to finish the couplet in about five or six minutes. We will put an eight minute cap on it so that you have a guaranteed four minutes to work up to a heavy clean. This workout is definitely a fire breather..AND you have a max lift, so lots of variety here. Push the pace on the first part of make sure you leave some in the tank to establish a heavy single because that will be part of your score as well.

Saturday: Five Year Anniversary/Member Appreciation Event! Spread the word and bring your friends! DJ LA will be in the house and we will be doing some member appreciation to thank you guys for making it a truly special five years! 9 AM, be there!

       Well that’s all we get for today’s CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown! It is certainly an exciting week with our five year anniversary coming up on Tuesday and then our celebration on Saturday. We also have some really great workouts and lots of good strength training to keep getting us prepped and ready for the Open beginning February 24th. You all have been super committed and it’s showing on the board. Remember to stay in here as consistent as possible and let’s watch these results roll in. Setting these daily habits will make a huge difference down the road. Don’t beat yourself up if you miss a day or two here and there but stay motivated to do the best you can! Now enjoy the Super Bowl and we can’t wait to see you all in class!