CFS Weekly Rundown (7/30-8/4)

CFS Weekly Rundown (7/30-8/4)

Hey Guys,

      Time for the Weekly Rundown and a glimpse into our programming for the coming week! As always you all are really making big strides in the gym. Even still, remember that long-term consistency is the real key to overall success and sustained health. So even if you have a week or two where you feel a little stagnant, just remember that it’s these daily deposits that will really pay off in the long run! Here we go:

Monday: One of my favorite Hero workouts here for you all today! If you like pressing you’ll love this one. If you hate pressing you probably need this one. The key here will be to break things up really early to avoid burning out. We will have a lot of movement interference in this workout so keep that in mind when choosing sets!

Tuesday: Heavy day!  Back squat with varying loading here. This means that the singles you see today shouldn’t be based off of your one rep max. They will be lower. See if you can keep the loading on the singles within 10-15% of one another and adjust the loading needed for the higher rep sets. Goal should be challenging sets but work to have no failed reps if possible.

Wednesday: Hump Day Hero WOD! This is a good one here for you guys. It’s short and should be a lot of fun. The legs will certainly be burning but the AMRAP is only 12 minutes and the rep scheme is short so keep the pace high and stay moving…breathe and move, breathe and move…

Thursday: Burpees don’t like you either…but if you don’t like them it most likely means they are good for you. Simple, yet effective! I would really encourage you all to get in here on Thursday and get your mind right to do a little work. Today won’t be horrible but it will be pretty aerobic and will help you build a great motor! Good stuff…

Friday: Friday is looking like the best day of the week! Two reasons: Retest/Hero Workout. Don’t miss out on this day. We’ll be retesting “Holleyman” which we hit not too long ago (5/18/18). This is a great workout honoring a great hero so don’t miss it.

Saturday: Saturday is still in the works as of now…thinking about trying out something a little different. Regardless you can rest assured you’ll get a great workout at 9am! Be there.

It’s going to be another great week so do your best to get in here and make those deposits to your health. Also keep an eye out for some exciting events coming up at CFS. In September we’ll be hosting the “Better Half Dash” 5k to benefit MRO and in October we’ll be hosting an in house competition for you guys!  Stay tuned…