CFS Weekly Rundown (3/1-3/6)

Hey guys,

       If you’re reading this I don’t have to tell you what’s coming next. You already know you’re in for an action packed edition of the CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown. And if you’re not reading this…Impossible! We had an awesome week last week and a great time celebrating four years of this CrossFit Simplicity community with you all on Saturday. We are looking forward to another great year of fitness, fun, and friendships. We have an epic week ahead of us with a nostalgic theme for any Mighty Ducks fans out there. Like coach Bombay says, “A team isn’t a bunch of kids out to win; A team is something you belong to, something you feel, something you have to earn.” That’s what we like to think of ourselves here at CFS…a team! All out to help each other get better, reach our goals, and have a little fun along the way! So let’s get after it this week…

  • CrossFit Open: The CrossFit open is just around the corner with the first workout being announced March 11th! It’s going to be a great chance for us to come together, test our fitness, and have a lot of fun! Be sure to go to to sign up!
  • CrossFit Shirts: We are super excited to announce that we have some new T-shirts on the way. And not our typical “house” T-shirts that we usually run but a new design that we think you guys will love and a little extra detail thrown in there!
  • Water Fountain: It’s been a long time coming but CrossFit Simplicity is finally getting a water fountain and a bottle filling station! Look for the install soon!
  • New Bike/Rowers/etc: in an effort to better serve you guys and continue to follow this amazing programming we are going to be adding a few new pieces of equipment this week!

Monday: no better way to kick off the week then with the theme’s namesake: “Mighty Ducks!” I love the layout of this workout and I think you will as well. This is going to be a 30 minute partner workout where you and your teammate will alternate full rounds of calories on the rower, push-ups, and hang cleans. The reps are fairly moderate so we want to knock out a round in about two minutes. Making the goal for this workout 15 rounds combined between you and your partner. Intensity today is definitely going to be high when it’s your time to go. You need to push you around as fast as possible So that your partner can jump in. Really attack each movement with the goal being nonstop movement throughout the workout. You want to row at a nice strong pace but one that allows you to hop off and go directly to the push-ups. Push-ups are definitely going to be at the greatest risk of burn out so break these into quick sets early if you need to. This should help you save your arms a little bit and avoid resting for too long. The weight used for the hang cleans should definitely be something you can go unbroken on for the first few rounds or potentially throughout the entire workout if your grip holds. If you notice rounds taking you much more than two minutes make some quick adjustments and keep moving. Easy day!

Tuesday: We have a solid weightlifting day for you guys…in more ways than one! First we are going to start things off with the continuation of our barbell cycle. Today will be the three position snatch. The first rep will start from the high hang position (think hip/power), The second rep will go from the hang below the knee, and the third rep will go from the floor. We will have five sets all at 65% today so the focus should be on crisp clean movement and solid positions throughout. After this we will keep the barbells out and move on to “Heavy Fran”.  This one’s going to be challenging but more from a strength standpoint than conditioning. This will be 15-12-9 reps of heavy thrusters and weighted strict pull-ups. Obviously we will have a prescribed wait but heavy will be relative to each person’s individual abilities. Same with the weighted pull-ups. If you’re still developing your pull-up you may be doing strict body weight pull-ups or even strict banded pull-ups. Your coach will help you assign values and skills that would be appropriate. As a guide the thruster weight should be something you can do at least five times unbroken when fresh, and we don’t want to add any weight to our strict pull-ups unless you can do at least five strict bodyweight pull-ups. Have fun with this one and let’s get strong!

Wednesday: Teamwork is definitely a theme this week. There’s no doubt about it as we head into our second partner workout in just three days! “Flying V” is going to be a fun, but challenging, leg burner. You’re going to wish you had some ice after you finish this one. You and your partner will start off with a 200 cal assault bike. You can break these reps between yourselves however you would like but once you get done you’ll both be responsible for 125 synchronized air squats. That’s right, synchronized! This means that you must both be in the bottom of the squat below parallel and locked out up top at the same time as each other. The assault bike calories are going to get the legs pumped and blown up and the synchronized air squats are going to finish them off. This is definitely a great workout for building capacity and tolerance for lactic acid. Something we could all use more of! Just from experience I would recommend the person strongest at the air squats come off the bike last. It’s also a good idea to stand somewhat facing your partner so that you guys can get into a rhythm. Try to have open communication on how many reps you’re going to do before each set so there’s no confusion or lost time. After this will have a cool upper body accessory pieces to round out the day. Good stuff!

Thursday: Today is a great day! We are going to kick it off with some three position cleans. These will follow the same pattern as the snatches on Tuesday. One clean from the high hang/power position, one from the hang below the knee, and finally one from the floor. These will be a touch heavier than our snatch percentages and remember that all of these are squat cleans and not power cleans. After this we will hit, “Bombay.” This is a really cool 12 minute AMRAP with three movements. Deadlifts, double dumbbell shoulder to overhead, and stick sit-ups. All these movements will follow and ascending rep ladder. Meaning we will start at two reps and increase by two reps for each movement throughout the entirety of the 12 minutes. Seeing just how far we can get through all three. Although the reps start out very short you don’t want to come out of the gate too hot. Rather, approach this with a mindset of steady attack mode! You should be able to do the reps for each movement unbroken until the round of eight or 10.

Friday: “Triple Deque” is going to be a straight burner today. We will have a 20 minute E2MOM of wallballs and double unders. This means that every two minutes you will start a new set of wallballs and double unders. Giving us 10 sets total in the 20 minutes. Each set will consist of 18 wallballs and 36 double unders making it relatively high volume for the day. Especially on the wallballs. Because of this it’s going to be especially important that you listen to your coaches in regards to scaling and proper stimulus. We want each set to take a little over a minute, meaning both movements should be unbroken. The stimulus today will be high intensity while trying to stay consistent on round times. Sprint each set every time while trying to minimize the mess ups on the double unders. Again this is where scaling will come in to play. Just because you can do a 20 pound wallball for 18 reps does not necessarily mean it’s the right weight to do unbroken 10 rounds straight. Listen to your coaches and your body so we can avoid extreme muscle soreness the next day.

Saturday: Now for the third and final partner workout for the week! “Ducks Fly Together” will test your capacity on the bar as well as your grit and mental toughness on these gymnastics movements. You and your partner will have two different three round couplets with a three minute rest in between. The first couplet will be power snatches and toes to bar and the second couplet will be clean and jerks and burpees over the bar (parallel). The weight will be the same for the power snatches and clean and jerks so think about choosing somewhere around 60% of your snatch max. You want to be able to do 3 to 5 touch and go reps with moderate effort when fresh. Try to control your breathing during the barbell movements and work at a steady sustainable pace on the gymnastic movements. Trust your partner and encourage each other throughout. Have fun with this one and let’s kick off the weekend right!

       As cliché as it sounds during our Mighty Ducks themed week I really do see us as a team here at CrossFit Simplicity. It’s this element of our community here that I believe is so motivating, encouraging, and vital to long-term success. Often times we show up for each other just as much as we show up for ourselves. We have a really awesome week planned out with some challenging workouts That are definitely going to require some joint effort. Remember to get in here as much as possible so that we can build good habits and routines that encourage consistency and results. Thank you guys once again for another amazing year at CrossFit Simplicity. We can’t wait for four more. See you all in class!