CFS Weekly Rundown (3/14-3/19)

Hey guys,

       Sunday, fun day…weekly run day? Ok maybe not. But it is Sunday and that means it’s time for the CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown. We have an awesome week planned ahead for you guys with some really good workouts. Remember this will be our second and last week of our break before we start a new nine week lifting cycle on March 21st. Check the announcements for more details. We have a pretty cool theme this week… Braveheart quotes! If you’re not familiar with this movie or it’s been a while I would definitely suggest watching it, if nothing else it’ll fire you up! Now let’s see what we have in store!

  • The Open: Great job to everyone who participated in the Open this year… Whether you were signed up or not you guys did a great job! We also had so much fun doing Friday night lights with you all. Can’t wait until next year!
  • Weightlifting Cycle: Our next weight lifting cycle will begin March 21st and will be nine weeks long. The cycle will focus a little more on the snatch and clean. We will be lifting about three days a week and will also be mixing in some jerks, front squats, and deadlifts.
  • T-Shirts: We have some more T-shirts on the way! We will be running the same design since you guys really liked it but in some slightly different colors! They will be $20 and no pre-orders are required.

Monday: “He fights with passion and he inspires.” How can you not have a good workout after a quote like that? This one will be a really cool push/pull piece of calories on the rower, straight handstand push-ups, more calories, keeping handstand push-ups, more calories, and then finally double dumbbell shoulder and overhead. Shoulders on fire when this one is all said and done so be smart with your pacing and your scaling. Show me fatigue is going to build across the movements so use the rowing as a partial active recovery so that moderate to high effort can be applied on the overhead movements. The first place we will probably modify this will be strict dumbbell presses, dumbbell shoulder to overhead, and then regular push-ups for the last set. When we finish this we are going to have some strict pull up accessory work! Should be a nice way to round out the day.

Tuesday: “I have been given nothing. God makes men what they are.” This one is going to be three sets with a two minute rest between each set. Each set will consist of 30 hang squat cleans at a lightweight, 100 double unders, and 30 GHD sit-ups or 30 V-ups. Obviously we are looking for similar scores across each round so pacing is going to be key. Use the first set as a pace setting round and base the rest of your effort off of that. Intensity needs to stay moderate and you should focus on hitting plan sets early on to avoid spiking the heart rate right off the bat. Found a steady pattern and maintain. The hang squat cleans and double unders are going to get the breathing going quick!

Wednesday: “But it’s our wits that make us men.” This is going to be a pretty cool little piece with assault bike calories and floor presses. Reps are descending and go from 30 down to six in increments of six. Stimulus is moderate to high intensity today. You guys should utilize steady sustainable effort on the bike and be prepared to perform strategic plan sets on the floor press to avoid burnout. We have a little bit of posterior chain and lower body accessory work after this so stick around!

Thursday: “They’ll never take…OUR FREEDOM!” (But this one might take your breath away!) We have a bit of a longer one today that’s going to include some intervals of rowing, running, and biking. Each round the distances will get less and you will have a one minute rest between each round. We will also have some variations of this work out to accommodate class sizes and equipment availability. Stimulus today is basically moderate steady work although we would like you to increase your pace across each round as they get shorter. This is a great work out for building an engine so try not to miss today even if cardio isn’t your thing!

Friday: Mixing things up today with a hero workout! Today we will be hitting, “Josh.” This is the first time we have ever hit this work out at Simplicity so it should be new for most of us. This is a bit of a “Fran” style workout in layout and design. Overhead squats will go from 21 down to nine by increments of six. Pull-ups will go from 42 to 18 by increments of 12. This is an old school hero workout so have fun with it. We want some moderate to high intensity today while still keeping watch on managing shoulder fatigue. Arms stay overhead for the entire work out so be smart and break when you need to so that you can make a big push at the end!

Saturday: “Robert the Bruce” is our partner workout today! You and your partner will have three sets with a one minute rest between each set. Sets will consist of a few rounds of a 200 m run and eight power cleans. One person will be running while the other person is performing power cleans. You may only switch when both partners are done with their respective movement. This is going to be a great little piece with lots of heart and lungs fatigue so settle in and enjoy it. Remember to push the pace with your partner and be sure to motivate them and work together. Power clean weight should be something you can hit in nice smooth singles.

      Well, that’s all we’ve got for this chilly Sunday edition of the CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown. And what a good week it is going to be! We have so many awesome workouts and a nice little hero WOD thrown in there at the end. Again great job to everyone who participated in the Open. The Open is great for showing us where we need to focus our work in the future so take some time to evaluate how you did and where you could’ve done better and let’s get in here and really crush it this week! Now get plenty of rest, relaxation, and recovery so we can hit it hard on Monday!