CFS Weekly Rundown (4/22-4/27)

Hey guys,

       Rain rain go away, the CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown is here to stay! Happy Sunday guys, we hope everyone is ready for an excellent week here at the gym, because we have some great programming in store for you guys. We are going to get into some great strength work and lots of good conditioning. We only have a week or so before we’ll be doing a little testing/benchmark work and them getting into a new cycle. We also have a TON of exciting events coming down the pipe over the next few months at CFS so be sure to make these dates on the calendar and get ready for some community fitness and fun! Check it out below and we’ll dive right in…

  • Triannual Facility/maintenance fee: Our next facility/maintenance fee is coming up in May. Last quarter we were able to get lots of new equipment and upgrades for the gym and this quarter is no exception! We are kicking around the idea of a mini split to battle the summer heat, or some new machines and plates! The $25 fee will be automatically drafted from your account May 1st. The next one will be in September.
  • Bring A Friend Day: April 27th at 9am! This is going to be a great chance to bring your friends to check out a first time friendly CrossFit out here with your CFS family! We will also have some crew from the sock puppets joining us to help us get hype about our client. Appreciation event, Night at the Ballpark, June 21st!
  • GCA Mother’s Day 5k: We have a great opportunity for you guys to run fun 5k event at Grace Christian Academy! We have a group from the gym going Saturday morning May 11th at 9am! *ALSO when you register and send me a screenshot you’ll be entered to win a free pair of TYR trainers of your choosing!  I will email link to the registration as soon as we have one!
  • Memorial Day Murph: Monday May 27th at 8am and 9am
  • 8 o’clock Aero: Starting this Saturday at 8am! Murph prep class that will be specifically designed to get you ready for the demands of Murph!
  • AMRAP for Autism: June 15th Save the date for this awesome event right here at CFS!
  • Night at the Ballpark: June 21st we are hosting a member appreciation event at the Burlington sock puppets stadium. We will have a private patio, drinks, and taco bar for you all. Closer to time we will send out an RSVP form because we do need exact numbers to know how many tickets and how much food they will be providing for us. This is an event for CrossFit Simplicity members and your family!


Squat Clean 2:30 on for each 1:00 to change weights @90-86-82%
Push Jerk 2:30 on for each 1:00 to change weights @90-86-82%
A1.) SB Bear Hug Carry x100′
A2.) Pushups x10 (add weight if needed)
A3.) Landmine Row x10
A4.) Good Morning x10
B1.) Sled Pull x50′
B2.) DB Push Press x10
B3.) Low Back Raise x10
B4.) DB RFESS x10/side
15 min AMRAP (moderate effort)
4 Box Getovers (48/40″)
8 Line Facing Burpees
200m Run
3 min on, 5 min off x 2 rounds
400m Run
Max cal Echo in remaining time
Score toral Echo cals per round
Goal: 12/10+ cal per round
A. EMOM x10
1.) 12/10 cal Echo
2.) Deadlift x2

B. 10×3 Squat Snatch @95/65. 5 min cap

12 min AMRAP
4 WW
6 Toe to Ring
8 HR Pushups
Score total rounds + reps completed
Goal: 5+ rounds
E3M x 4 rounds
5 Shuttle Runs
6 Burpees
30 Double Unders
15 RFT
10/8 cal Echo
10/8 cal Row
Score time to complete
Goal: sub 22 min
Cap: 30 min
A. 10 min for max load
Front Squat x4
B. 1 min AMRAP Back Squat @225/155
-Rest 3 min-
1 min AMRAP Back Squat @135/95
Murph Prep
Complete for time
800m Run
50 Pull-ups
100 Push-ups
150 Air Squats
Goal: sub 30 min
Cap: 40 min
A. 3×2 Bench + 3×2 Row
B. 3×2 OHP + 3×2 weighted pull-ups
EMOM x5 Rounds (20 minutes)
1. 5 BMU
2. 10 HSPU
3. 15 WBs (20/14)
4. 1 Snatch
Score total snatch weight lifted
Example: 135+135+135+155+155 = 715


     Well, all good things must come to an end…and this is the end of this week’s CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown. We have an awesome week ahead of us here at the gym and we can’t wait to get in here with our friends and get in some excellent training. Remember that the key is consistency and attitude. Show up everyday and come ready to put your best foot forward and train hard! Keep doing this week after week and you’ll soon realize the results you’re looking for. Now I hope everyone had a great weekend and got plenty of rest, relaxation, and recovery so we can hit it hard this week. See you all in class!