CFS Weekly Rundown (4/25-4/30)

Hey guys,

       It was a beautiful day here in Burlington North Carolina and I hope everyone enjoyed it! I know the girls and I enjoyed it a little bit too much and that’s why this is a late night Rundown. I think this week we will call it the CrossFit Simplicity “Briefly” Rundown! We have a pretty cool little solar system theme going on this week for all you astronauts out there and the continuation of week six of our strength cycle. So without further delay we are going to dive right in and quickly have a look at the week!

Monday: Murph Prep Monday is gonna really hit today! “Venus” is three 12 minute AMRAPs. The first one is a 200m run and 10 strip pull-ups, The second one is a 200m run and 20 push-ups, and the third one is a 200m run and 30 air squats. You’ll have a two minute rest in between each AMRAP. Stimulus today is moderate pacing. You don’t want to burn out on anything too quickly so just stay moving. Also note this is a 40 minute workout so get into class ready to get started quickly!

Tuesday: Snatch work today! You’ll have three squat snatch singles working around 85 to 90% of your one rep max and then three sets of three snatch grip deadlifts at 100% of your one rep max. After this we will have a 15 minute AMRAP called “Mars.” This was going to be calories on the bike or rower, kettlebell swings, and strict handstand push-ups. Stimulus for this workout is moderate pacing throughout. Settle into a comfortable pace and be prepared to apply the highest effort on the strict handstand push-ups as this is the only movement with the potential for burnout.

Wednesday: Weightlifting Wednesday is power cleans and front squats! Three singles at 85 to 90% of your one rep max for the power clean and three singles at 90% of your one rep clean for the front squat! After this we will hit “Jupiter.” This is going to be three sets with a two minute rest in between each set. Each set will be five minutes long and you will have to do 5-4-3-2-1 of deadlifts and burpee box get overs. With the remaining time you will have a max calorie row. This is a pretty high intensity piece during the Deadlift and Burpees with even more increasing intensity on the rower. When you first get on the rower it’s going to be a bit of a recovery pace but make sure it’s an extremely strong push to the finish by the end of the round.

Thursday: we will have a complex to start the day off. This will be one snatch push press and one snatch balance working on a little bit of overhead work. When we finish this we will hit “Mercury.” This is going to be a partner workout where you guys will each has complete three sets of a row, double unders, and then three sets of shoulder to overhead where the weight increases and the reps decrease. Your partner may change your weights today. We are looking to just work hard and keep a moderate pace on this workout. Make sure you have a good consistent technique during the shoulder overhead as the weights get heavier.

Friday: Our favorite planet today: “Earth!” And another partner piece at that! This one is going to be lots of bike calories, front squats, GHD‘s, and overhead squats. You may split the work anywhere you want with your partner just make sure you guys approach this work out aggressively and with a strategy that allows for both people to sustain a high output. Be smart and know when to switch.

Saturday: We have a super simple and effective partner work out for you guys today consisting of 20 rounds of walking lunges and rope climbs. That’s right, 20 rounds! This one’s going to be a bit of a grind so just try to stay moving and keep your head down and chugging along!

       Well it’s getting late and that’s all we got for the Rundown! I told you guys this would be the CrossFit Simplicity “Briefly” Rundown and we are sticking with it! Hope everyone had a great weekend and we can’t wait to see you all in class!