CFS Weekly Rundown (5/22-5/27)

Hey guys,

      You already know what time it is! Sunday fun day, and time for the CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown! We have a huge week in store for you guys as we come to the culmination and climax of our current lifting cycle, and our Murph prep Monday workouts. This week we will be testing one rep maxes for the lifts we have been working on and will have our last Murph prep Monday before we hit the Memorial Day Murph on the 29th. This is a week you definitely do not want to miss so try to get in here as many days as possible so we can see some results of all your hard work over the past eight weeks. Now let’s crack into this Rundown!

  • Memorial Day Murph: We will be hitting the Murph work out on Monday, May 29. We will have the heat at 7 AM and the heat at 8:30 AM. These sheets are already on the schedule in Wodify so feel free to go ahead and reserve your spot. These are also open to drop ins and there is a link on the website where they can pre-register and pay for their spot in either class. You guys have been working hard to prepare for this, and we are really excited!
  • Max Week: This week we are maxing out our lifts from the current strength cycle. We want you guys to be excited for this, but we also want you to be realistic and not put too much pressure on yourself or push too hard resulting in a potential injury. Remember that if you are hitting 95 to 100% of your old max on any given day, then you are doing well. Not every day is going to feel great so come to the gym expecting to hit a PR but just understand that this is not an every day occurrence and it does not mean you have not grown over the last eight weeks!


Week 9 (May 22nd)
Tues: Heavy Single Snatch
Weds: Heavy Single Squat Clean
Thurs: Heavy Single Snatch Drop (5 mins)
Fri: Heavy Single Split Jerk (5 mins)

**Do your best and remember to just have fun and be safe! If it feels good then go for it! Get lots of rest/sleep this week so we can come in ready to work!


Let’s kick off with “Murph Prep Mondays.” Our workout schedule for this week includes a spicy row and burpee ladder on Tuesday. The difficulty of the burpee will increase while the row remains consistent. On Wednesday, we have a packed schedule that will flow seamlessly from one event to the next. We will start with squat cleans and progress into a clean and jerk + rope climb ascending ladder. The day will end with some Rope Climb skill work. Thursday’s focus will be on leg work with a relentless grind that will keep you moving. On Friday, we have a quick 2-minute AMRAP where you will aim to accumulate 100 wall balls. The weekend will bring another long partner workout involving ergs, snatching, and static holding. Good Stuff!

     That’s all we’ve got for this fun filled week at CrossFit Simplicity! We truly have so much in store and so much to look forward to at the gym this week so we hope you guys are excited and ready to come in here and put in some hard work! Big shout out to Adam Snow for winning the committed club for April. April numbers were low, not going to lie, so let’s try to get in here as much as possible as we wrap up May so we can fill that board back up and get the results we are looking for in the gym! Now you guys go and get plenty of rest, relaxation, and recovery so we can hit it hard for max week. See you all in class!