CFS Weekly Rundown (5/27-6/1)

Hey guys,

      Happy Memorial Day weekend! It’s a beautiful day and it’s time for the CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown! We have some great programming for you guys this week and obviously we have the Murph on Monday! Since it’s the holiday weekend we are going to do an abbreviated Rundown and jump right to the meat of the matter…

  • Memorial Day Murph: Monday we have two heats of Murph to honor all those who died to protect our freedoms! This is a grueling workout so be sure to modify things if needed and remember why we are here hitting this workout! Heats at 8am and 9am…friends welcome!
  • AMRAP for Autism: June 15th at 9am! If you guys haven’t done so, grab a partner and get signed up for this awesome event! It’s for a great cause!



Back Squat APRE 8

Strict Press 4×4 @80%+

Deadlift 7×3 EMOM


HSW, DU, BMU 1xmax

Weakness Work

DU – 6 min EMOM, 8-16 reps per min

SHSPU – DBL KB Z Press 3×6-8

PU – Box butterfly drills 3 x 5/5/3

UB/LB/Core Accessory

3×10 all

A1.) Push Press


A3.) Ab Wheel

B1.) Pendlay Row

B2.) Back Rack Reverse Lunge

B3.) DB Side Bend

C1.) Push Up

C2.) Strict Pull-ups

C3.) Dip

C4.) DB Curl


Aerobic Prep

12 min AMRAP (moderate effort)

150/120m Row

8 Burpees over Rower

8/6 cal Echo

Aerobic Power

2 on, 8 off x 3 rounds

R1 – 18/15 cal Ski + max Burpees to Target

R2 – 24/20 cal Bike Erg + max BFB

R3 – 30/24 cal Row + max Burpees over Row

Score total burpees completed

Goal: 30+ burpees

Machine Progression

5 rounds

4 on, 2 off. Score avg pace per round

Run Program

3 sets

15 min easy

rest 3 min between sets



Snatch Grip Sotts Press 2×6

4×1 Snatch + SB + H Snatch + OHS

Pause at knee on snatch and in hole on snatch, SB, and OHS


HSPU 10×5

GHD 10×5

TTB 10×5


Either-Or Caveat EMOM

5 rounds

1.) 8 DB Thrusters (50/35)

2.) 12 TTB

3.) 24/20 or 15/12 cal Row

4a.) If 24/20 cal Row – rest

4b.) If 15/12 cal Row – :30 Wall Sit

Score total rounds completed of 24/20 cal Row

Goal: 5 rounds

Max score: 5 rounds

Grunt/Grip Accessory

2 rounds, rest 3 between

A1.) Sled Push x100′

A2.) Barbell Spider Flips x 1 min

A3.) SB over Target (target at chest height) x10

A4.) Zercher Carry x25′ (heavy as possible)

Weakness Work

60 reps in as few sets as possible

Deficit Backpack SHSPU 3×1-6 (3.5/2″ deficit)

Strict Pull-ups 6-4-2×2


Aerobic Prep

12 min EMOM

1.) 12 Line Facing Burpees

2.) 12/10 cal Ski

3.) 12 Box Stepovers (24/20″)

4.) Rest

Aerobic Capacity

Complete for time

800m Run

1 mile Echo

1k Row

1 mile Echo

800m Run

Score total time to complete

Goal: sub 18/20 min

Cap: 25 min

Machine Progression

3 rounds

6 on, 3 off. Score avg pace per round

Run Program

2x 3 min @ RPE 5, 1 min rest

5 min easy

2x 2:30 @ RPE 5, 1 min rest

5 min easy

2 x 2 min @ RPE 5, 1 min rest

5 min easy

2 x 1 min @ RPE 7, 1 min rest



Front Squat APRE 8

Bench Press 4×4 @80%+



DB Z-Press 3×4-6

LLRC 2×1

Weakness Work

DU – 5 min EMOM, 10-20 reps per min


Butterfly PU 6 min EMOM 2-10 reps



Clean Grip Sotts Press 4×3

Tall Jerk 4×3

Clean and Jerk 4×3


5 rounds for time

10 Thrusters

8 HR Push-ups


M- 95×2 rounds, 115×2 rounds, 135×1 round

F- 65×2 rounds, 85×2 rounds, 95×1 round

Score time to complete all 5 rounds

Goal: sub 10 min

Cap: 14 min

     Well that’s all we’ve got for this week’s edition of the CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown! It’s going to be a great week filled with tons of great lifting, conditioning, and gymnastics. We are crushing these skills right now and “Basecamp” programming is going phenomenally. Let’s make sure to all stay focused and as consistent as possible so we can keep the results pouring in over the next few weeks of this cycle! Now get plenty of rest and relaxation so we can hit this Murph workout on Monday! See you all in class!