CFS Weekly Rundown (6/10-6/15)

Hey guys,

      It’s a beautiful June Sunday here in Burlington North Carolina and it’s time for the CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown! It’s going to be an epic week at CFS of course, and we have lots of excellent programming for you all. We are in week 6 of our “Basecamp 2.0” and you all should be getting a great handle on the flow and layout of the week and its workouts by now. We have some really good strength work, aerobic work, and gymnastics but don’t sleep on the accessory work that’s programmed as optional outside of class. Be sure to check this out if you have time and give yourself the opportunity to work on whatever weaknesses you feel like you need to shore up before the next CrossFit Open season!

  • AMRAP for Autism: June 15th at 9am is our annual A4A event at CFS! This is a partner workout to raise money for autism both locally and nationally. Sign up is $50 per person and includes a T-Shirt. Grab a partner and follow the link! Our local charity is Abundant Life Christian Ministries who provide care and support for special needs adults and their families. Please join us in supporting this cause! (There will be NO 8am or 9am classes Saturday. Just the A4A event!)
  • Night at the Ballpark: Friday June 21st we are hosting all our CrossFit Simplicity Members for a night at the ballpark to fellowship and watch the Burlington Sock Puppets. Tickets, Taco Bar, and drinks (non-alcoholic) provided by us! Link to RSVP coming this week!



Deadlift APRE 8

Back Squat 4×4 @80%+

Strict Press 7×3 EMOM




RC 1 min AMAP

Weakness Work

DU – 4 min EMOM, 12-25 reps per min

DBL DB Z Press 3×4-6

Butterfly 3×5-15. Full recovery

UB/LB/Core Accessory

2×10 all

A1.) Barbell Z Press

A2.) SL DB Glute Bridge

A3.) High Plank

B1.) Barbell Row

B2.) Barbell Split Squat

B3.) GHD Side Bend

C1.) DB Bench

C2.) Chin Ups

C3.) Ring Dip

C4.) EZ Bar Curl


Aerobic Prep

12 min EMOM

1.) 6 Burpee Box Stepup (24/20″)

2.) 40 Crossover SU

3.) 200m Run

4.) Rest

Aerobic Power

E10M x 3 rounds

800m Run

Score time to complete each round

Goal: sub 4 min

Cap per round: 6 min

Machine Progression

6 rounds

4 on, 2 off. Score avg pace per round

Run Program

2 sets

4x 2 min @ RPE 3, :45 @RPE 8

Rest 3 min between sets



Snatch Grip Sotts Press + OHS 3×4

Complex- w/ 3s ecc per position

3×1 Snatch DL + Sq Snatch + SB + H Sq Snatch + OHS

Pause at knee on snatches, in hole (snatch, SB, OHS)


WW 4×2, 3×1

WB 8×6


EMOM x20 min – For reps

1.) Wall Walks

2.) DL @225/155

3.) Burpee Pull-ups

4.) Wall Balls (20/14)

5.) DB Thrusters (50/35s)

Score total reps completed

Goal: 168+ reps

Grunt/Grip Accessory

2 rounds, rest 3 between

A1.) SB Bear Hug Carry x100′

A2.) Wreck Bag OH Walking Lunge x 1 min

A3.) Sled pull hand over hand x 20 reps (each pull = 1 rep)

A4.) DB Hold (by head) x :30 (max load)

Weakness Work

DU – 50 reps in as few sets as possible

Deficit Backpack SHSPU 3×1-6 (3.5/2″ deficit)

Strict Pull-ups 3-2-1×2


Aerobic Prep

12 min EMOM

1.) 8 Burpee Box Jump (24/20″)

2.) 50 SU

3.) 12/10 cal Echo

4.) Rest

Aerobic Capacity

For time

120/100 cal Row

90/60 cal Echo

60/48 cal Ski

Score total time to complete

Goal: sub 22 min

Cap: 27 min

Machine Progression

4 rounds

6 on, 3 off. Score avg pace per round

Run Program

8 sets

:20 @ RPE 9

1:30 @ RPE 3




Front Squat 4×4 @80%+

Bench Press 7×3 EMOM


HSW EMOM x 6: 5-15′

Heavy DU 8×15

Strict PU 3×4-6 (weighted if possible)

Weakness Work

DU – 5 min EMOM, 6-12 reps per min


Butterfly PU 8 min EMOM 2-10 reps



Clean Grip Sotts Press 5×2

Tall Jerk 5×2

Clean and Jerk 5×2


Split with a partner

100/80 cal Row

80 GHD


20 BMU

50/40 cal Row

40 GHD


10 BMU

Score total time to complete

Goal: sub 16 min

Cap: 20 min

     Well, that’s all we’ve got for this week’s edition of the CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown. It’s been a gorgeous weekend and I hope you all are enjoying it outside. Remember that next Saturday is our AMRAP for Autism event to raise money for a great cause and get in an awesome workout in the process. Please go sign up! We have some awesome workouts this week so be sure to get in here as much as possible. Consistency is the key to getting results! Now enjoy what’s let’s of your weekend and get plenty of rest, relaxation, and recovery so we can hit it hard this week. See you all in class!