CFS Weekly Rundown (6/3-6/8)

Hey guys,

       Hope everyone had a great weekend and is looking forward to an excellent week of training! We have some really cool workouts planned this week and Monday marks about two months until our “Simplicity Summer Series” partner competition! So there’s lots to work towards when thinking about setting some goals. Also notice this week in the gym that the Committed Club board has been updated and you guys really crushed it in May. This is one of the fullest boards we have had in quite a while so great job! Be sure to give the announcements a quick read below and then see what we have prepared for the days ahead in the gym. 

  • New Shirts! New shirts are on the way and new jersey style tanks for the ladies! Our next set of shirts will be gray with camo writing and military green with black writing. Our ladies tanks will release for pre-orders this week and we hope to place an order by Friday so we can get these on the way! 
  • Simplicity Summer Series: remember that our next in-house competition is only two months away. We will be getting out a link to register with your partner in the next two weeks so try to lock down someone you want to throwdown with! In case you have forgotten this is an in-house competition BUT we are allowing you to invite a partner from outside of the gym if you would like!
  • Summer Core Series is still going strong! We hope you all are hitting these and enjoying them! Beach season is here so stay committed! 

Monday: We are starting this week off with a bit of a longer workout but nothing too crazy. This one has a little bit of everything thrown in there with some light barbell cycling, some box jumps and some running. This one shouldn’t really hit you hard in any certain area but will definitely be heavy in the conditioning department. The barbell is light for the hang power snatches and should be something you potentially think about going unbroken on since you will not be using your grip or much shoulders throughout the rest of the round. The key here will be to pace out that first or second round and then depending on how you feel try to turn things on. Definitely push that last 400 m run and let’s have a great day!

Tuesday: I really like this one today. This is a heavier play on the benchmark workout “Diane.” So we have 21-15-9 but with a heavy deadlift and a deficit handstand push-up. The deficit just means that you’ll stack plates so that your head actually travels below the plane of where your hands are resting. If you are proficient at kipping handstand push-ups this will be a great variation to challenge your strength in that movement. Some of the best ways to scale this will simply be to shorten the deficit, remove it altogether and just continue to work on your handstand push-ups, or we will even show you a deficit push-up variation that can be really effective! Know that in this variation you may have to break things up a little more than you might typically in a traditional Diane. Still try to get all your work done in each round in no more than two or three sets if possible. 

Wednesday: Weightlifting Wednesday! These never get old do they? Today will be a great one for the upper body strength. We have a fun little barbell complex with two push press plus one split jerk. This means you un-rack the bar, perform two push press and then one split jerk without dropping or re-racking the bar. We will be using our typical work up method to try to find a heavy set of the complex for the day. After this we will finish the shoulders off with a little bit of seated dumbbell pressing. Going from a seated position will make things a little more challenging and will help us isolate the shoulders just to touch more. After this we have a little bit of optional muscle up or pull up practice. Good stuff!

Thursday: Buy-in/Buy-out… this may be a new term for some of you. It simply means that the workout will start with a certain task you must complete before continuing on to the rest of the workout. That part is the “buy-in.” After you complete the main portion of the workout you’ll have another task before you are officially finished and can stop your time. That part is the “buy-out.” The buy-in and buy-out today will be a 400m run. Between this we will have three rounds of rope climbs, dumbbell front squats, and tall box jumps. This is a great workout that would definitely tax the lungs and the legs equally! Be sure to really push the pace on that final 400m run and finish strong. After we finish this workout we have a pretty cool optional weightlifting piece incorporating some hang power cleans so definitely try to fit that in!

Friday: I would be lying if I said this workout didn’t steal a small part of my soul… But I would also be lying if I said I regretted it. Generally the harder the workout the greater the sense of accomplishment and likely the greater the benefit you receive from tackling it. This one is an EMOM style workout meaning each minute you have a certain task to complete and after that task whatever time is left in the minute is yours to rest…if there is any time left… we typically think of EMOMs as easier workouts because of the idea of built in rest. However, that is not always the case. Sometimes these can be very challenging workouts depending on the task assigned to each minute. That happens to be the case today. Certainly do not shy away from today’s workout and try to embrace it and focus on completing each minute and nothing else. This one has calories on the rower/bike, kettlebells swings, and wallballs. There will certainly be a little bit of competition between these movements but try to stay tough and hang in there!

Saturday: We have another fun three person team workout this Saturday as well! This will be a good bit of barbell cycling and pulling. Instead of a certain task that needs to be completed for time this will be an AMRAP where your team is looking for as many rounds as possible! The movements today will be shoulder to overhead, front squats, and pull-ups! Good stuff! 

       Overall we are looking at another great week of training at Simplicity. Like I mentioned before, the Committed Club for May was very impressive and I hope that we can all stay diligent and repeat those results in June! It’s always important to remember that not every day needs to be particularly outstanding, but that it’s the culmination of showing up and putting in the work over a period of time that will really get you the results you want. On that note we hope to see you all in class on Monday to start the week off right!