CFS Weekly Rundown (7/17-7/22)

Hey guys,

      You already know what time it is! It’s “Sun”day here in Burlington North Carolina and time for the CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown! Of course we have an excellent week in store for you guys. You all did excellent on our last six week lifting cycle where we really emphasized positions throughout our lives as well as strength in those positions. We are starting a new lifting phase where I will be working on developing some speed and power, as well as getting generally stronger in our squat, bench, and press. It’s going to be excellent! As always we have some really solid conditioning work and gymnastic skills paired alongside this so that we can continue to develop and become well rounded in our fitness! Let’s check it out…

  • AMRAP for Autism: Our A4A event will be Saturday July 29th at 10am! Sign up details coming tomorrow!
  • It’s hot! This is just a quick reminder to stay hydrated throughout the day, before and after your workouts!

Affiliate Programming:
Week 7

Performance Prep
Coach led – hips and shoulders focus
Weightlifting: Snatch
3×2 Power Snatch + High Hang Squat Snatch Start at 50% max snatch and increase weight each set.
Gymnastics: Pull-ups
Strength emphasis. 3×4 Strict Pull-ups
Conditioning: Intervals
3 rounds Echo or C2 Bike 4 min on , 1 min off Zone 4 HR emphasis
Optional Accessories

Performance Prep
Coach led – full body focus
Strength: Back Squat
Work up to heavy set (9 RPE) for set 1. Sets 2 and 3 are 10% less than set 1.
Engine EMOM
30 min EMOM
1+2.) 500/400m Row
3+4.) 4 Sandbag Cleans (to shoulder) @100/50 + 2 Rope Climbs
5+6.) 30 Ab-Mat Sit-ups
Score is for completion
GHD Progression: Week 7
GHD Sit-ups
7×30% of max set. Rest as needed – 7 min cap
Optional Accessories
Machine Zone 3 Progression – see coach for details

Performance Prep
Coach led – lower body focus
Aerobic Power
3 sets of 2 min work, 3 min work rest.
20 Burpees over row (lateral) Max cal row in remaining time.
*Score cals per round.
Aerobic Capacity
25 minutes Echo bike. Score is total calories.
Optional Accessories
Deadlift + Zercher Squat + Barbell Spider Flips

Performance Prep
Coach led – full body focus
Strength: Push Press + Bench
3×10 Push Press. Work up to heavy set (9 RPE) for set 1. Sets 2 and 3 are 10% less than set 1.
3×10 Bench Press. Work up to heavy set (9 RPE) for set 1. Sets 2 and 3 are 10% less than set 1.
Gymnastics: Strict Handstand Push-ups
Accumulation day.
7×30% of max set. Rest as needed – 7 min cap.
Conditioning: Metcon
4-6-8-10 Shuttle Runs (25’+25′ = 1 rep) 10-20-30-40 Wall Balls (20/14 to 10/9 ft. target) 20-40-60-80 Double Unders
Goal = sub 12 min Cap = 15 min
Optional Accessories
Seated Band Anterior Tib Raise + SL DB Heel Raise

Performance Prep
Coach led – full body focus
Weightlifting: Clean and Jerk
3×2 Power Clean + High Hang Squat Clean + Split Jerk.
Start @50% max clean and jerk and increase weight each set.
Gymnastics: Double Unders
Max emphasis. 2xAMRAP
Conditioning: Zone 3 AMRAP
AMRAP in 15 min
10 muscle cleans 95/65 10 BFB
10 power cleans (95/65) 10 box jumps (24/20″) 10 front squats (95/65) 10 burpees to 6″ target
Zone 3 AMRAPs are intended to be completed at a sustainable pace. Move through this workout at an intensity that feels challenging yet sustainable for the full time domain. You should pick a pace that you may be able to say a few words in but likely cannot hold full conversation. If you are focused, you should be able to breathe in and out of your nose for the majority of the time.
*If you use a fitness device that tracks your heart rate, you want to work in HR Zone 3.
Optional Accessories
Copenhagen Iso + GHR/Razor/Nordic

Performance Prep
Coach led – full body focus
Strength: Deadlift
1×2 @95%. Hands stay on the bar each rep., full reset (no TnG reps).
3×3 @75%. Hands stay on the bar each rep, full reset (no TnG reps). Hit a set every 2:00.
Conditioning: Metcon
10 Thrusters (95/65) + 2 Burpees over bar 8 Thrusters (115/85) + 4 Burpees over bar 6 Thrusters (135/95) + 6 Burpees over bar 4 Thrusters (155/105) + 8 Burpees over bar 2 Thrusters (185/125) + 10 Burpees over bar
Goal: sub 6 min Cap: 10 min
Optional Accessories
Bodybuilding Circuits – see coach for details

Optional: Low intensity
aerobic session

     Well that’s all she wrote today. Hope everyone is excited and geared up for the start of a new week and the start of a new lifting cycle! I just want to say that I am extremely proud of everyone and all the progress you guys have been making. We have seen so many improvements aerobically and gymnastically. So many of you have gotten your first double unders, handstand push-ups, and pull-ups. It’s encouraging to see this progress. Remember these progressions depend on your consistency in class as well as inputting your results in the system so that we have numbers to build from. Keep up the good work! Now get plenty of rest, relaxation, and recovery so we can hit it hard this week. See you all in class!