CFS Weekly Rundown (7/29-8/3)

Hey guys,

      It’s time for the Rundown at Simplicity this week! We have a big week planned ahead, all culminating in our first in house partner competition: The Simplicity Summer Series! This is going to be a great event and we know a lot of you guys have been working really hard to get ready! If you’re not able to compete we’d still love you to come out and watch the festivities and cheer on your friends. We’ll have some really cool “lunch boxes” from Tickle My Ribs that you can order in the gym that morning if you want to have lunch with us and maybe a morning of it! We will be sending out an email with more information soon so stay tuned. Now it’s time to check out some announcements and see what the programming looks like moving forward…

  • There is a new drink sheet you’ll notice on the fridge. Moving forward GreaterThan and FitAids will be marked together and all other energy/amino drinks will be marked together ($2.50). So you will no longer need to specify which drink you are getting but rather what category it falls under. When you see the chart on the fridge it’ll all make sense!
  • Simplicity Summer Series: This Saturday!! If you’re spectating the first heat will be at 9am. If you’re competing we need you to show up by 8am for athlete registration! It looks like we’ll be having workouts from 9am-11:30am and then food and awards! EMAIL coming out shortly with heat schedule and workout standards!
  • Tickle My Ribs box lunches will be available at the competition! These will be ordered as you come in the door and will be free for athletes and volunteers and $7 if you’re spectating! They come with a meat of your choice, a side, chips, a bun, sauce, and a utensil packet!
  • We still have come cool CFS gear at the gym if you want to scoop some before the competition. We have Simplicity shirts in two styles for $20 and we have new CFS stickers and Sunmer Series Stickers for FREE!  

Monday: Monday, Monday, Monday! (No, that’s not a typo..we are just that excited to start the week off!) We have a great retest workout that many of you hit last year. It’s “JT” and it’s a great upper body burner. This one should be in the 5-10 min window but will really fall away fast if you don’t pace things out because it’s all pressing. It’ll be 21-15-9 of handstand push-ups, ring dips, and push-ups. If you’re nervous and thinking that you don’t have a lot of upper body/pressing strength then good! This is a great workout to develop that area and we have great scaled options for you guys. After this we have a cool little accessory piece that is also somewhat of a benchmark workout: flight simulator! This is ultimately a double under ladder up, and then back down, for time. Great way to start the week!

Tuesday: Heavy day! Back squats are up for us today. Everyone loves a back squat right? If not just know that this is a great movement for developing leg strength and will increase all your other Olympic lifts. Today’s squats will be heavy doubles. We’ll try to work to establish a heavy double and we want four more working sets within 10-15% of this heaviest double. We have some pretty cool accessory work after these that you’ll definitely want to get in before you leave! 

Wednesday: Hump day! We have a really cool one for you guys today. This one is also a retest for some of you guys. It’s the Hero workout: Rahoi. This is a pretty well rounded but short piece with box jumps, thrusters and burpees! It’s only a 12min AMRAP so keep the pace strong throughout and try to stay moving. There’s definitely a good bit of movement interference here in the legs so watch those feet on the box jumps! We’ve got some accessory work again today after the main piece that be a good bit of dumbbell work! Good stuff!

Thursday: Flow piece! This one has a cool little set-up with row intervals and some easy/light bar movements in between. Overall we’ll have 3000 meters but the goal is to move steady and consistently across all the rounds. This is a great way to get in some active recovery and take things slow, or maybe bump up the pace and get some aerobic capacity work in! Either way this is a great day! If you are doing the Simplicity Summer Series this might be a great work out to ease through and finish off your week, take a nice rest day Friday, and then hit it hard at the competition Saturday morning!

Friday: This is a BIG time personal favorite of mine! Can you guess it? 30 rounds…wallballs…handstand push-up…and power cleans… “Holleyman!”  30 rounds sounds like a lot but the rep scheme is very short so the transitions will be quick! This should help you stay moving strong and steady here. Pacing is very important on this one. We don’t want to see a very big difference in your round times. For example, we don’t want round 1-3 to be :30 rounds and rounds 25-30 to be 1:15 rounds. Start out with a methodical pace and keep it up! 

Saturday: Competition Day! This is our first ever in house partner competition and we think it’s going to be really fun for you guys! Simplicity Summer Series begins at 9am for spectators so don’t miss is!

(There will be NO classes today Aug 3rd)

     We have such an exciting week guys! Lots of great things to look forward to and some really good workouts! Be sure to get in here as much as possible and keep working hard on your goals! Let’s crush this week and get in here and have a great time Saturday at the Simplicity Summer Series! See you all in class…