CFS Weekly Rundown (8/13-8/18)

CFS Weekly Rundown (8/13-8/18)

Hey Guys,

      This is a very exciting week for you all here at CFS! We are wrapping up a short cycle and we’ll be retesting workouts this week. Be sure to get in here as many days as possible and especially on these retest days. We also have our next “Bring A Friend Day” this Saturday (18th) at 9am and following this is the first week of our 4 part gymnastics course! Good times at CFS so make sure you’re staying involved and let’s take things to the next level!

Monday: Mixing it up Monday! Partner workout planned for today. This is a little out of the ordinary but it’s going to be a good one. If you have a friend that’s good on the rower you may want to coordinate class times with them for today. Quick transitions on/off the rower and a strong steady pace will be the key to success for this one. You and your partner will be recording one total score in meters.

Tuesday: This will be our first retest day of the week and we’ll be hitting “CFS Tester 1”.  This one is a chipper with lots of shoulders so strategy and breaking up sets will be important.

Wednesday: Mid week is bringing with it another retest workout. This one is “CFS Tester 2” and is definitely one of our more technical ones with the muscle-ups. Be sure to check and see which scales you used if any, as well as your thruster weight. This one is only three rounds but it certainly burns. Try to push the pace and keep it high!

Thursday: Heavy Day! Squat cleans are on the menu today and we want to keep the emphasis on pulling under the bar into a full squat. We’ve been talking about this a lot in class with our power cleans: when you receive a power clean you should be able to drop into a front squat without any repositioning. Today will be a chance to check this as we will be catching the bar in the absolute bottom of our front squat. Let’s emphasize form and position over weight today.

Friday: Epic day to kick off the weekend! Hero workout AND a retest. “DT” will test your barbell cycling, your conditioning, your grip strength, and your willpower. This is definitely one of our favorites here and one that we should be moving through pretty quickly. We will go over strategy in class to try and help you break up and manager sets. We are really hoping for some PRs in this one!

Saturday: “Bring A Friend Day” is here again! Invite any and everyone you’d like. Your friends will need no previous CrossFit experience and this is a great chance for them to come and see what all the hype is about! After class we will also be having our first of the new four-part gymnastics course from 10:30 AM to 12 PM. If you aren’t signed up contact to reserve your spot!

      This is looking like an awesome week here at CrossFit Simplicity and we can’t wait to kick it off! As the summer comes to a close we want to continue to push ourselves in the gym and keep striving to improve. You all are doing an amazing job!