CFS Weekly Rundown (8/2-8/7)

Hey guys,

       It’s time to start another beautiful day in Burlington North Carolina, another week at CrossFit Simplicity, and another month of fitness and fun! We have a stacked and packed rundown for you guys today so be sure to give it a good read (find any typos) and know exactly what to expect in class this week. Remember that we just started a new eight week lifting cycle consisting predominantly of the traditional strength movements you are familiar with and we will be building on this cycle as we get into week two. It’s always an exciting time for me when we start a Rundown at the beginning of a new month. It’s a fresh chance to re-dedicate yourself mentally and physically to your goals and to focus on what you want to get out of your gym experience every day in class. Remember to stay consistent and just enjoy your time here at CFS and everything else will fall in place. We have a cool Queen theme of “We Are The Champions” this week so let’s dive in!

Monday: We are going to kick off the week with some lifting and this weeks namesake: “We are the Champions.” We will be back on our floor press is this week for six sets and we would like to ideally build off of the weight we used last week in class so be sure you are logging your results. After this we have a spicy little push/pull piece Consisting of rowing, thrusters, and two different pull up variations. As the workout progresses the row distances will get shorter, the reps will get shorter, but the thruster way to increase in the pull ups will turn from a traditional pull up into a chest to bar pull up. Stimulus is going to be moderate pacing throughout this workout. Try to keep similar pacing in both the doubled and halved reps to avoid burnout. The first set of thrusters is going to be super light so look for big sets before putting the bar down. Remember to breathe out with each rep while momentarily pausing at the top before going down into the next rep to aid in pacing and keeping your heart rate down. We have a high risk for burn out on the pull up movements today so focus on fast quick sets. Easy day!

Tuesday: Back to the back squats this Tuesday! Things will be a little different than last week as we will have six sets of three and the percentage will increase to 80% of your one rep max. We will still be doing a set every 90 seconds so make sure you are at your bar and ready to go a few seconds before the start of the next set. Stay nice and tight and upright as you perform these and let’s build a good foundation in the early stages of the cycle. After this we’ll hit “Time after Time.” This is going to be 5 three minute AMRAPs of deadlifts, push-ups, and box jumps. You have a one minute rest in between each AMRAP and the reps scheme will be three, six, nine respectively. This is definitely going to be a high intensity piece. No matter where you get in the three minutes you will start the next AMRAP back at the deadlifts and will have five separate scores for this workout. I want you guys to use a moderately challenging wait for the dead lift, thanks somewhere around 70% but you should be able to do all three reps touch and go if desired. Move quickly through the push-ups but make sure you are getting full range of motion and just keep a nice steady pace on the box jumps while being mindful of your feet on a trip. No misses today! Good stuff!

Wednesday: Hump day is going to begin with shoulder presses building off of last week just like our back squats. Six sets of three every 90 seconds at 80% of your one rep max. After this we will hit, “I’ve done my Sentence.” This is going to be a challenging little four round piece of calories on the bike, single arm dumbbell push presses, and your choice between bar muscle ups or burpee pull ups. Either one being RX for the day. We are going to have some moderate pacing today with the consideration that we do have some higher level gymnastics work to finish out each round. Find a pace that’s maintainable across rounds and don’t go so hard that it takes away from your ability to perform your muscle ups or burpee pull ups consistently. Consistency is key here! Have fun! Also remember that you need to select a dumbbell weight will allow for unbroken sets across all rounds. Remember that you are not allowed to push jerk or re-dip under the dumbbell after the initial push press of each rep.

Thursday: Can you guess the layout for our deadlifts today? That’s right, exactly like the rest of our lifts this week. Six sets of three every 90 seconds at 80%. Focus on keeping a good tight midline and driving through the floor with some good power. After this we have a really cool partner workout called “No Time for Losers.” Teams of two will be completing a descending rep ladder of power snatches…But obviously the weights will increase! In between each set will be a set of 20 synchronized bar facing burpees so get ready! You guys will need to be smart on the weights to choose on the bar so that it allows for a consistent workflow between partners with moderate intensity. Burpees are the lighter fluid for the lungs so don’t light the match early and burn out! Try to partner up with similar strengths today. Also you guys will be using one bar and the synchronization will happen at the bottom of each burpee. Athletes can stand up and hop over at separate times but can’t exit at the bottom of the burpee until both athletes are down together.

Friday: The weekend is almost upon us and we have a great piece to kick it off for you guys today! “But I’ve Come Through” it’s going to be a three-part workout. Each part consisting of four rounds of a couplet. (This means two movements) The first couplet will be running and double unders, the second couplet will be running and deficit push-ups, and the last couple it will be identical to the first with running and double unders. You will have a two minute rest in between each four round couplet. I can see where this would be a little confusing so be sure to check Wodify the night before and make sure you understand the work out or bring any questions to class. This is definitely going to be another strong sendoff into the weekend. Stimulus for today will be moderate to high intensity where you guys will have to keep a fire lit under your butt to finish under the time cap. This means scaling and modifying will be important today! Don’t come out too slow and use the clock and try to keep rounds under two minutes. Have fun with this one and really work hard.

Saturday: Saturdays at Simplicity are always the best! We have a nice partner workout for you guys today so get in here. You guys will each have five rounds today and you’ll be trading off one full round at a time until you and your partner have 10 as a collective. Rounds will consist of calories on the bike, sit ups, and then five power cleans and 10 burpees over the bar (these are lateral). The intensity of these rounds should be very high today because you will get to rest while your partner performs an entire round. Try to push the pace when it’s your time to shine and attack these movements with a purpose while trying to keep consistent round times. As always just have fun and encourage you partner today and let’s set the tone for a good weekend!

        Well that’s all we have for this edition of the CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown! It’s going to be an exciting time at the gym as we kick off a new week and a new month here at Simplicity! We will be drawing a new committed club winner so always remember that it pays to be consistent here at CFS! Consistency might pay off in the form of a gift card but it will definitely pay off in the form of results and a sense of accomplishment. Remember to set your mindset to that of gratitude and appreciate the time you have to get into the gym and work on bettering yourself. Thank you all so much for being a part of this amazing community and we can’t wait to see you in class!