CFS Weekly Rundown (8/28-9/2)

Hey guys,

      It’s a beautiful Sunday and time for another edition of the CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown! We have an excellent week ahead for you guys as we continue with this current strength block and our usual gymnastics progressions. Along with this we’ll have some conditioning as well to keep the heart and lungs thriving. You all have been absolutely crushing things lately. We have been seeing a ton of progress with our gymnastics progressions and lots of strength PRs so hats off to all of you for the hard work and dedication. Remember to stay consistent and keep those goals in mind. Now let’s dive in and get a look at this week…

  • Shirts: New shirts are being mocked up as we speak. We’ll have a new round of “house” shirts with our original logo (by request) and later we’ll have some custom 80’s theme shirts for pre-order! (also by request)
  • Johnny (aka Papa Shine): As some of you know, our beloved Johnny Hodge is in the hospital recovery from a lung surgery. During this time we just ask for your thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery. The surgery itself went well, biopsy’s were taken of lymph nodes as precaution and get best plan of action. He’s had some complications but receiving good care and once stabilized can start back doing Fran probably by Wednesday!

Affiliate Programming:
Week 13

Performance Prep
Coach led – hips and shoulders focus
Weightlifting: Snatch
Set 1 @80% Set 2 @85% Set 3 open
Strength Emphasis:
4×3 Pullups
Optional Work:
Bar Muscle-Up Technique
Conditioning: Intervals
Echo/C2 Bike Zone 4 Intervals 3 Rounds, score cals
4 min on, 1 min off
Optional Accessories

Performance Prep
Coach led – full body focus
Strength: Back Squat
Set 1 @80% Set 2 @85% Set 3 open
Engine EMOM
24 min EMOM
1.) 15/12 cal Row
2.) 5 SB over Shoulder (150/100) 3.) 5 Burpee Box Getover (48/40) 4.) 15 Ab-Mat Situps
GHD Progression: Week 13
Accumulation Emphasis 5×40% max set
Optional Accessories
Machine Zone 3 Progression – see coach for details

Performance Prep
Coach led – lower body focus
Aerobic Power
Bodyweight Max Output tests 30 seconds for max reps of:
Box Jumpover Double Under Bar Facing Burpee
Aerobic Capacity
24 minutes Rowing
30 seconds work, 30 seconds rest Score total distance
Optional Accessories
Sled Push/Pull and DB Farmers Carry

Performance Prep
Coach led – full body focus
Strength: Push Press + Bench
Both movements: 3×2
Set 1 @80% Set 2 @85% Set 3 open
Gymnastics: Strict Handstand Push-ups
Accumulation Emphasis
5×40% max set. 5 min cap – rest as needed between sets
Conditioning: Metcon
1 round every 6 minutes for 3 round.
1 Round =
Echo Bike Calories (10-7-5 for women) DB Front Squat (50/35)
DB Box Stepover (50/35, 24/20″)
Goal per round = sub 4 Cap per round = 5
Score total working time for all three rounds
Optional Accessories
Wall Anterior Tib Raise + DB Calf Raise

Weightlifting: Clean and Jerk
Gymnastics: Double Unders
Conditioning: Zone 3 AMRAP
Optional Accessories

Performance Prep
Coach led – full body focus
Set 1 @80% Set 2 @85% Set 3 open
Max emphasis 2xMax
15 min AMRAP
800m Run
20 Ab-Mat Situps 400m Run
20 V-Ups
Score total reps. Every 100m = 1 rep 1 full round = 72 reps
Zone 3 AMRAPs are intended to be completed at a sustainable pace. Move through this workout at an intensity that feels challenging yet sustainable for the full time domain. You should pick a pace that you may be able to say a few words in but likely cannot hold full conversation. If you are focused, you should be able to breathe in and out of your nose for the majority of the time.
*If you use a fitness device that tracks your heart rate, you want to work in HR Zone 3.

Performance Prep
Coach led – full body focus
Strength: Deadlift
Set 1 @80% Set 2 @85% Set 3 open
Conditioning: Metcon
20 Synchro Deadlift 185/125
20 Synchro Wallballs (20/14)
10 Box Jumps each (24/20″, you go I go) 15 Synchro Deadlift 225/155
15 Synchro Wallballs (20/14)
10 Box Jumps each (24/20″, you go I go) 10 Synchro Deadlift 275/185
10 Synchro Wallballs (20/14)
10 Box Jumps each (24/20″, you go I go)
Score time Goal: sub 24 min Cap: 30 min
Optional Accessories
Bodybuilding Circuits – see coach for details

Optional: Low intensity
aerobic session

     Well, that’s all we’ve got for this installment of the CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown. It’s shaping up to be a great week as expected. I mean what I said above, you all really are doing amazing with this program and it’s awesome to watch and celebrate your progress with you in class. Keep pushing and putting in the work, trust the programming and the progressions, and we are going to have the best CrossFit Open season yet. I’m excited for it! Now get plenty of rest, relaxation, and recovery so we can hit it hard this week. See you all in class!