CFS Weekly Rundown (9/2-9/7)

Hey guys,

       It’s the start of a new week and AND a new month! (Love it when that happens!) That means this the perfect time to reset, reevaluate, and re-commit yourself to getting in the gym and knocking out those goals! We have a really great week of programming ahead of us and we hope you all had an excellent Labor Day weekend and are ready to get back to it. We do have an abbreviated schedule Monday so pay attention to the announcements below before you check out what we have in store for the rest of the week. Now…let’s dive in!

  • We will have only ONE class Monday, Sept 2nd, at 9am. We will also have open gym hours until 11am.
  • Our next Bring A Friend Day will be Saturday, Sept 28th, at 9am! Go ahead and save the date because this one is going to be great!

Monday: Happy Labor Day! We have only one class today at 9am and it’s a good one…very good! This one will be a partner workout and instead of a hero workout it’s a memorial workout. This one is Victoria Martens. Memorial work out 14-year-old girl passed away in Albuquerque New Mexico. This one has a taste of pretty much everything so I won’t list it all out right here. It does have a buy-in of some heavy thrusters and then eight rounds of some great movements. Check it out on Wodify today at 5 PM!

Tuesday: The “Possible EMOM?” is back… but this time it actually is possible for some of us! This is definitely the mildest one we have had in a while but will still be challenging and may require some scaling options. This one is on the shorter side (12min) compared to last week and it’s movements are split up into individual minutes rather than together in one minute like last week. This one will be push-ups, dumbbell burpees w/no push-up (just kick your feet back and then bring them back under you), and DB hang squat cleans. The recommended scale for today likely be shortening the number of reps in each minute or potentially using lighter dumbbells. Overall it’s going to be an excellent day.

Wednesday: Weightlifting Wednesday! Nothing like some solid alliteration for all the language/lifting buffs out there! But seriously: we have some great weightlifting work planned for you all today. We will be doing some snatch waves using an EMOM style clock. This means on the first minute we will start at 75% of your one rep max snatch and then add weight incrementally each minute for five minutes. We will be looking to add about 5 to 10 pounds per minute and performing only one snatch each minute. On the sixth minute you’ll return to your start weight and work up the wave again. These are excellent days for fine-tuning and drilling technique at some moderate to heavy percentages. Like always, if you really care about your lifts in the long run then keep your focus on proper form and positioning rather than absolute weight.

Thursday: We have a bit of a different piece today. Not too different in terms of movements but just the layout and the reps. We will have more aerobic work in the beginning and end of this workout which will be capping some more strength style movements with low reps. Right in the middle of the workout we’ll have five fairly heavy clean and jerks. Overall this is a good piece and not something to stress too bad. Just come in and have fun with it!  Good stuff!

Friday: “Benchmark Friday!” These days have been a blast lately..and this one will be no different. Compared to “Nancy” last week this one will be a touch easier for most of us..and certainly shorter! This one is “Jackie.” This is one many of is have done before so if this is a retest for you make sure you really give it your all and see if we can improve on those numbers. If this is your first time you also want to try to do your best to set a good baseline performance for future reference. Jackie is a 1000m row, 50 thrusters with an empty bar, and then 30 pull-ups. This is very much a sprint style workout so try not to leave a lot in the tank for the following movement but give it your all in each moment. Get after it!

Saturday: We have a really cool workout plan for you guys today! Like most Saturdays this will be a partner workout and it’s a bit of a play on three CrossFit benchmark workouts: Grace, 30 Muscle-ups for time, and Isabel! This will be a team workout so reps will be split between partners however you would like. We will be doing this in a sort of chipper style which means you and your partner will be responsible for 50 clean and jerks before moving on to 50 muscle ups, and then finally moving on to 50 snatches. Within each movement you are free to break up reps as you would like between yourselves. Quick smooth singles will probably be the best strategy for today with some low rep sets on the muscle-ups. If you don’t have your muscle-ups we can always scale for pull-ups or chest-to-bar pull-ups and keep things moving!

        This is shaping up to be an excellent week with a lot of good workouts and variety! We get to start things off on a holiday so hopefully we are feeling refreshed and ready for a big week. Don’t forget about our abbreviated hours Monday and we hope you all enjoy what’s left of your Labor Day weekend. Hope to see you all in class…