CFS Weekly Rundown (7/30-8/4)

CFS Weekly Rundown (7/30-8/4) Hey Guys,       Time for the Weekly Rundown and a glimpse into our programming for the coming week! As always you all are really making big strides in the gym. Even still, remember that long-term consistency is the real key to overall success and sustained health. So even if

CFS Weekly Rundown (7/23-7/28)

CFS Weekly Rundown (7/23-7/28) Hey guys,         It’s that time of the week again! Time to take a little look inside of next week’s programming and see what’s in store. Remember that we would never ask you guys to do anything that the CFS staff hasn’t first done ourselves. So if we

CFS Weekly Rundown (7/16-7/21)

CFS Weekly Rundown (7/16-7/21)   Hey guys, It’s time for another great week of training at CFS! First off, great job last week. As we mentioned we’ll be continuing to sprinkle in some Hero workouts throughout the rest of this month. Last week we saw three and you all really hit them hard. I can’t

Weekly Rundown (7/9-7/14)

  Hey guys, We are solid into July and things have been looking really good! One cool thing you all may be noticing about this month is an increase in Hero WODs! We’ll be hitting quite a few over the next couple weeks so be on the lookout! These can be tough! Monday: Speaking of Hero