CFS Weekly Rundown (6/24-6/29)

Hey guys,        Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful Sunday and is ready to hear about what we have planned for you all this week! If feels like this month has really flown by and remember that this is our last full week of June so make sure you stay on track if

CFS Weekly Rundown (6/17-6/22)

Hey guys,       Happy Father’s Day! We definitely want to take a minute to shout out all of our CrossFit dads who are in here killing it everyday so that they can keep crushing it at home! Hope you dads had a great day! And that brings up a good point: It’s really

CFS Weekly Rundown (6/10-6/15)

Hey guys,        It’s that time again… Time to start a new week and put in some work! So far June has been going great and we have been hitting it really hard. Let’s keep that drive going as we roll into this week. This week should be similar to last week with

CFS Weekly Rundown (6/3-6/8)

Hey guys,        Hope everyone had a great weekend and is looking forward to an excellent week of training! We have some really cool workouts planned this week and Monday marks about two months until our “Simplicity Summer Series” partner competition! So there’s lots to work towards when thinking about setting some goals.

CFS Weekly Rundown (5/20-5/25)

Hey guys,        It’s Sunday…that means it’s time for another Rundown! This is looking like an awesome week at Simplicity and it’s the week before the Memorial Day “Murph” event so you’ll have plenty of reason to get in here and hit it hard. It seems like the month of May has flown

CFS Weekly Rundown (5/13-5/18)

Hey guys,       First off, Happy Mother’s Day to all our CFS moms reading this today! We love our strong moms and hope you all have the best day! We had a great week in the gym last week and we can’t wait to repeat. This week’s programming is looking really solid…and so

CFS Weekly Rundown (5/6-5/11)

Hey guys,       Hope everyone had an awesome weekend and is ready for a great week ahead! Try to get in the mindset right now of embracing Monday at work, school, the gym, etc and don’t let it get the best of you! We have a great week of programming ahead and we

CFS Weekly Rundown (4/28-5/4

Hey guys,      Are you ready for the scoop this week?! It’s definitely going to be a good one! We had a great week last week and got in a ton of good work. If you missed Saturday’s class we handed out Open awards so check out the picture above to see how the

CFS Weekly Rundown (4/22-4/27)

Hey guys,       Great work last week in class. We got in some really good training and everyone survived the tornado scare! Now it’s time to look forward to this coming week and make sure we put in another solid afford as we begin to close out April. This week has some really

CFS Weekly Rundown (4/15-4/20)

Hey guys,         It’s time for another epic week at CFS! The programming is looking really cool this week with some interesting pieces and a little something for everyone! Last week you all did amazing! The double-unders, and skill work in general, are going great and we’ve seen tons of improvement there.