CFS Weekly Rundown (4/22-4/27)

Hey guys,       Great work last week in class. We got in some really good training and everyone survived the tornado scare! Now it’s time to look forward to this coming week and make sure we put in another solid afford as we begin to close out April. This week has some really

CFS Weekly Rundown (4/15-4/20)

Hey guys,         It’s time for another epic week at CFS! The programming is looking really cool this week with some interesting pieces and a little something for everyone! Last week you all did amazing! The double-unders, and skill work in general, are going great and we’ve seen tons of improvement there.

CFS Weekly Rundown (4/8-4/13)

Hey guys,       It’s that time again! Time to start a new week and keep working on those goals! We had a great assessment week last week and saw tons of PRs and improvement. We also established a great baseline and recorded some good data so that we know how to work the

CFS Weekly Rundown (4/1-4/6)

Hey guys,       Great job in March! So much to look back on and be proud of! We saw a ton of improvement from you guys, lots of PRs, and some amazing Open performances! I think April is going to be just as good! …and this week will be extra special! We are

CFS Weekly Rundown (3/25-3/30)

Hey guys,        Great job last week and great work on this year‘s CrossFit Open! Whether you were officially signed up or not, you all hit these workouts hard and gave it your all! It’s been a great Open season and it’s given us all a chance to see what we need to

CFS Weekly Rundown (3/18-3/23)

Hey guys,        Hope everyone had an awesome weekend and is ready for another great week of training! This also marks the last week of the 2019 CrossFit Open. You guys have done such an amazing job so far and we want to keep the drive alive and finish this thing strong! Congratulations

CFS Weekly Rundown (3/11-3/16)

Hey guys,        Awesome job last week in class and great work on another Open workout! I know everyone was really feeling it from Tuesday’s long workout and we had lots of double under breakthroughs in class! All in all a great week! And this one is looking just as good! We have

CFS Weekly Rundown (3/4-3/9)

Hey guys, We had another great week at CrossFit Simplicity and this one is looking just as good! Super proud of how everyone is doing in the Open and also really proud of all of you guys who aren’t signed up for the Open but are still hitting these hard on Friday! We have a

CFS Weekly Rundown (2/25-3/2)

Hey guys,        I apologize about the weekly rundown this week. With the first week of the Open and (to be honest) testing the Open myself. I’ve been pressed to find a time to get the updates this week. So here’s the abbreviated version with the full thing coming tomorrow! Everyone did great

CFS Weekly Rundown (2/18-2/23)

Hey guys,         What an awesome week we just had, and an amazing 2 year anniversary! Thank you so much to everyone who was able to come out to workout and celebrate with us! If you weren’t able to make it just know you were missed! We have a great week head of