CFS Weekly Rundown (10/7-10/12)

Hey guys, It’s time for another week and another Rundown! We actually have a pretty interesting week ahead of us with the start of the 2019 CrossFit Open… Part two? In case you guys aren’t familiar the CrossFit games has used the CrossFit Open as a qualifier for years now. For the elite athlete this

CFS Weekly Rundown (9/30-10/5)

Hey guys,        The Rundown is ready to roll! We have a great week ahead and it’s the start of a new month this week as well. Love it when that happens! October also marks the start of the next CrossFit Games Open. Since since the CrossFit Games is shifting to a new

CFS Weekly Rundown (9/23-9/28)

Hey guys,      We had a little Weekly Rundown sabbatical last week but we are back and better than ever this week! Great job last week on some pretty tough workouts. We saw some really impressive numbers on the clean and jerk and some real grit on the “Possible EMOM?” which was awesome. Let’s

CFSWeekly Rundown (9/9-9/14)

Hey guys,      We kicked off NFL football this week and now it’s time to kick off another week at Simplicity! Hopefully you all had an awesome weekend and are feeling energized to get in here and do some work. I want to take a minute to just recognize you all for all the

CFS Weekly Rundown (9/2-9/7)

Hey guys,        It’s the start of a new week and AND a new month! (Love it when that happens!) That means this the perfect time to reset, reevaluate, and re-commit yourself to getting in the gym and knocking out those goals! We have a really great week of programming ahead of us

CFS Weekly Rundown (8/26-8/31)

Hey guys,       First off, sorry about the delay this week! We are back on track and I’ll try to have things out Sunday evenings moving forward! We had a great week last week and we saw some really good numbers in the gym as far as performance and attendance which is a

CFS Weekly Rundown (8/19-8/24)

Hey guys,         What an awesome week we’ve just had! The “Possible EMOMs” and “Benchmark Friday’s” are going great and we hope you all are enjoying the change and the challenge…because it’s back for another week! Hope everyone had a great weekend and is ready to hit this week hard and get

CFS Weekly Rundown (8/12-8/17)

Hey guys,       Hope everyone had the best weekend! We had an amazing time with everyone Saturday night playing volleyball. Thank you so much to Eleni and Rodney for opening up their home and being such great hosts! And thanks to everyone who came out to play and hang with us! I think

CFS Weekly Rundown (8/5-8/10)

Hey guys,       The weekend is winding down..which means the week is about to crank up. It’s time to have a look at the Weekly Rundown and see what we have on the menu. We had an amazing time at the Simplicity Summer Series on Saturday! Huge thanks for everyone who came out

CFS Weekly Rundown (7/29-8/3)

Hey guys,       It’s time for the Rundown at Simplicity this week! We have a big week planned ahead, all culminating in our first in house partner competition: The Simplicity Summer Series! This is going to be a great event and we know a lot of you guys have been working really hard