CFS Weekly Rundown (11/12-11/17)

Hey Guys,         Great job last week! Thank you to everyone who came out to the Push Pull for Pancreatic Cancer workout! That was a great workout! And we have some more great workouts this week. Remember it’s important to stay ahead of the holidays and be consistent. It’s not always important

CFS Weekly Rundown (11/5-11/10)

Hey guys,       We have an awesome week ahead of us as we dive into November! Great job last month to everyone that put in the hard work! Remember that the Holiday season is an important time to stay focused and in the gym. That way we can stay ahead of those holiday

CFS Weekly Rundown (10/29-11/3)

Hey guys,       What an awesome week/weekend we had! If you haven’t heard, or weren’t able to make it, the CFS Halloween House Party (our in-house comp) was a huge success! We had such an amazing time just working out and cheering each other on! Another huge thanks to all our volunteers, judges,

CFS Weekly Rundown (10/22-10/27)

Hey guys, What a week we have in store; All culminating to Saturday and our first ever in-house competition! We are so excited about the CFS Halloween House Party and we have an excellent week of programming leading up to it! Before we dive in here are a few announcements: Halloween House Party this Saturday

CFS Weekly Rundown (10/15-10/20)

Hey guys,       Great work to everyone last week! We are only 2 weeks from our Halloween House Party competition so make sure you get in here consistently and work toward doing your best! (We have 40 of you competing!) This week is going to be a solid one for sure. A bit

CFS Weekly Rundown (10/8-10/13)

Hey guys, Big week ahead with lots of exciting things going on. October is jam packed with good stuff! Remember that this week is your last chance to sign up for our in-house competition, the CFS Halloween House Party. Also, Saturday night is our next “Simplicity Social.” The social this month will actually be held

CFS Weekly Rundown (10/1-10/6)

Hey Guys, Great work last week! Really felt like everyone put in a solid effort and we got a lot done! This week is looking like a great start to the new month a signal that our in-house competition is coming up soon! Registration is closing soon so don’t miss the chance to throw down

CFS Weekly Rundown (9/24-9/29)

Hey guys, Great work last week! It was certainly a tough one but that’s good sometimes. This week is looking really good as we close out September. Remember to get signed up for our in-house competition and give yourself that extra motivation to work hard and be consistent. This is going to be a great

Angie: Scale for success!

Hey guys, Super excited about another benchmark workout today: Angie! This is a great workout and one of the original CrossFit “chippers” (A chipper is a workout that combines a lot of different movements at high volume/reps. You complete all reps assigned for each exercise before moving on to the next.)  It’s this design that

CFS Weekly Rundown (9/17-9/22)

Hey guys,      This week is looking Solid! We survived Flo and didn’t even really skip a beat around the gym which is great! We have some really good workouts program this week so try to get in here as much as you can. Also, remember to get yourself signed up for our in-house